Brill Street + Company recently surveyed Chicagoland Gen Yers about what they look for in the workplace. Instead of just listing the results, we’re going to list them and illuminate them with 30 Rock GIFs just because.


Let’s get started!

When asked what the most important perk of the workplace is, Gen Y picked benefits over salary, company culture, travel requirements, and flexible hours.

A lot of people believe that Gen Yers are money-obsessed, lazy and entitled.


But no! Gen Y placed salary second to benefits, followed by company culture, flexible hours, professional development, reputation of company and travel requirements. That sounds like a practical hierarchy.

Let’s talk about what needs to be considered when evaluting a benefits package: amount of PTO, cost and quality of insurance, bonuses, student loan forgiveness options, 401(k) mastching and stock optios.

Now, let’s be honest…

kill people Liz Lemon_0

…well, not that honest.

Having a benefits package that offers a reasonable amount of PTO is a very important perk to have.

Gen Y said the most important benefit is, of course, PTO, followed by quality of insurance, cost of insurance, 401(k) matching, bonuses and student loan forgiveness.

Another large concern for Gen Y are the fun/tasty perks their employers offer in the workplace.

I’m talking hammocks, summer hours, coffee shops, free rides, etc. I mean, just imagine how upset you’d be in you didn’t have an office full of free snacks!

There's no cake

Our survey results revealed that the perk Gen Y looks for most is subsidized/tax-free public transportation. They also look for health risk consultations, summer hours, financial/legal services, free meals and drinks, and paid time off for birthdays.

SO many companies offer these things and more! Just say to yourself:

I can have it all

CSR is a huge initiative that companies have integrated into their business model. Basically, if your company doesn’t have any type of organized volunteer opportunities or designated charity, people must think your company leaders hate the world.

I hate the ocean

Then there are the companies that people completely fawn over. We asked Gen Y who their dream employer was and, not surprisingly, Google took the cake.

I mean, who can blame them. Basically everyone in the world wants to work for Google.


In terms of company culture, Gen Y believes that the most important thing a company can integrate into its culture is two-way communication between company leaders and employees.

liz jack high five

Gen Y also said that listening to their needs and providing them with defined goals and expectations were critical aspects of a company’s culture.

liz jack hug

I hope you’re taking notes, employers.

Dress code in the workplace is another huge thing Gen Y is concerned with. Do I wear a suit every day or can I get away witha pair of jeans?

are you wearing a tux


According to a majority of Gen Y, they prefer no dress code. Suits one day and jeans the next.

weird shoes

Overall, it seems like the Gen Y just wants flexibility in the office! As long as we can get our work done in a timely and efficient manner, then who cares if we are wearing those ungodly toe shoes?


Also, here a GIF of Liz Lemon sniffing Oprah because Chicago.