Have you ever wished that people could appreciate all the ideas and creations you make besides past likes on Instagram pictures and posts on Facebook? Try blogging. Not only is blogging a good way for your friends to keep track of what you are doing, employers can get a better sense of your personality. If you do plan on sharing your blog with employers, make sure the blog is “work appropriate.” The only rule in blogging is making your content relatable to someone, whether it is bacon-eaters or cat power connoisseurs.

There are a couple different ways to think about your blog.

A personal blog.

This means that you are writing about your own experiences and adventures. There should be pictures that really capture what you are speaking about.

A work blog.

Your company may already have a blog in the works. Don’t lose those well-formed writing skills and join in on conversations that speak to your companies interests.

A freelance blog.

This may include a portfolio component, fashion blogging, and story writing. These blogs tend to be geared towards the job hunt. They allow a person to display their work in one place. This is different than a personal blog because the premise of freelance is the hopes that a potential employer or client sees it and present offers to you.