This week Chicago hosted a series of special events for Social Media Week. If you have never been, I suggest thinking about attending next year’s series. All of the events are free assuming you signed up for the open spots available on the 182 event, jam-packed schedule. This year was a special one for all of us here at Brill Street. Our company got to participate in this year’s series, discussing “Social Media and the #GenYJobHunt.” The discussion entailed the importance of being connected on LinkedIn and other social media platforms all while making the most use out of the sites. Overall, the event went well and we had a lot of positive reactions to our discussion and topic choice. Check back tomorrow for some of the tips we shared during our discussion.

Social Media Week is a great way to check out other offices in Chicago that you may not ever have the chance to go to or have a reason to visit. I attended “Google + Brands” at the Google Chicago offices. Not only did their discussion help me realize how much I was missing out on by not making use of Google+, but I was able to check out the hanging pear chairs and prime Merchandise Mart location, which I was pretty stoked about to say the least. All of the events at #smwChicago ended with a Q&A, allowing for some great conversations with the experts in the industry.

Did you attend Social Media Week 2013? Tweet us @Brill_Street and tell us what your favorite event was!