Recruitment agencies are becoming more and more prevalent in the workforce. Rather than employing a full-time HR employee, companies are seeking out third party recruiters to take care of their resume evaluating, interviewing and staffing.

If you think about it, using a third party recruiter makes a lot of sense for companies. Especially startups and small businesses who don’t have the budgets to bring on a full-time recruiter.

Now, as a candidate, why should you use a third party staffing firm, like Brill Street, rather than directly applying to a company? Here are 4 answers to that question:

1. Recruitment agencies have numerous job opportunities: When you’re applying to a company, it never looks good to apply for more than one position at a time. It shows that you aren’t very committed to that one job. With third party recruiters, your resume is evaluated and, if one or more positions are available that seem to line up with your background, then you have a higher chance of landing a job. If you look at our current open positions, you’ll notice that there are various opportunities.

2. Third party recruiters are not limited to one field of work: Say you have an interview for a Sales Executive position, you’re likely to be interviewed by the Director of Sales (or an equivalent position). When you’re being interviewed by a member of the Brill Street talent team, we see transferrable skills and better assist in finding the best fitting position, no matter the field.

3. There’s a better chance that they will follow up with positions in the future: If you’re not a fit for a particular position, something companies oftentimes say is that they will keep your information in their system for future opportunities. While this is true, once a position is filled at a company, they aren’t going to continue seeking an employee for that role. With Brill Street, our business is to fill positions for various employers. Like the age-old saying, “When a door closes, a window opens.” Third party recruiters are always opening that metaphoric window because of the various job opportunities that they are constantly looking to fill.

4. If an interview goes well with a third party recruiter, you’re already in your potential-employer’s good graces: Recruiters are always the first to interview and evaluate candidates for particular positions. After interviewing with a Brill Street recruiter, you’re more familiar with the position, the employer and the type of questions the employer will ask if the recruiter decides to send you their way. Additionally, once you’ve shown the recruiter that you are a great fit for the position, the employer already likes you!