Our Journey

The name Brill Street originated from an actual location, Brill Place in London, UK. Aptly nick-named “Brilliant Street,” this is where the best and brightest new college grads congregated, exchanged views and developed a local community supporting their career plans and advancement.

In this tradition, Brill Street is now the gathering point for emerging talent.

  • Founded in 2006, Brill Street originally supported college student internships. This evolved into a focus on full-time job placements and a commitment to understanding and advocating for emerging talent, largely those 0 to 3 years out of college.
  • From 2007 to 2013, Brill Street recognized the best Gen Y employers in Chicago through the Brill Street Top 50 Gen Y Awards Program. This program identifying best practices was widely recognized, referenced annually by The Wall Street Journal and other national publications
  • Today, Brill Street publishes the Gen Y Workforce Management Best Practices Research Study and the Gen Y Attributes and Trends Study, scheduled for publication in early 2015
  • In 2014, Brill Street launched its on-campus presence at more than 60 US-based colleges and universities, enabling a greater number of college graduates to access Brill Street services and support. Taking our message to the “brilliant” new college graduates means we are able to find Brill Streeters in the making and assist in their career search and professional development
  • Beginning in early 2015, Brill Street will expand thoughout the US and abroad. Our plan is to expand our services creating Brill Streeters and serving clients in 15 cities before 2018. Each Brill Street office operates as a separate business unit, understanding and solving the workforce assimilation issues of Gen Y/Millennials and emerging growth companies in each local market. Stay tuned!